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After playing the winery and brewery circuit solo for a decade, Todd Brooks was joined by Mark Cooper on bass in mid to late 2017. Mark was a family friend who said he played bass and offered his services up in return for free wine at the shows. In a display of true professionalism, Mark set up a video camera at one of Todd’s events and recorded the whole show. Two weeks later, Todd received a note that Mark had learned the whole first set. So one fateful day at Breaux Vineyards, Mark stepped up, plugged into the board and nailed all the songs!! The extra low end was great and in a couple of weeks he was playing the whole show with Todd, sans a single practice.

A year in, the duo did decide to practice one Saturday. In mid to late 2018, the duo invited long time local drumming legend, Joe Gallagher, out for a show. Having never practiced with Joe, the group took the stage at Locust Hill Golf Course. Mark and Todd called out the next song to the newfound percussionist, who had no idea what songs the duo even played. The show ended up sounding like the group had played together for years. After that, Todd and Mark were never able to get rid of Joe and decided to form the group Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions.

Mark became the brains of the group, after coming up with the play on words using “Pour” instead of “Poor”, since the group mostly played at wineries and breweries. Between them, the band brings close to a century of playing music at all levels, to include opening spots for National Acts, as well as playing the deepest bowels of some of the slimiest Honky Tonks you have ever seen. 

In late 2021, the band was joined by the talented keyboardist, Jennifer Stoll. Another local Loudon-based musician and music teacher with a music pedigree and knowledge of music theory that Todd and Mark will never ever grasp. Ever. Jen cautiously joined the band and has been relied on ever since.

Updated October 2022

Todd Brooks

Singer, Guitar Player, Ego, Food Aficionado

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Mark Cooper

Bass Player, Complainer, Reaches High Things

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Joe Gallagher Jr.

Drummer, Philosopher, Communicator

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Jen Stoll

Keyboards, Vocals, Armorer

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