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Upcoming Events

Come out and see us!

May 11: Andy’s Pizza-Lovettsville ,Va. 6:00-9:00pm (DUO)

May 13: Loco Food Truck Festival-Segra Field- Leesburg,Va 11-3pm (Full Band)(Gary)

11:00am-11:30am-Ed Chong, 11:30am-12:00pm-Brigit Cook, 12:00pm-1:00pm-Sela Campbell, 1:00pm-3:00pm-TBPD

May 14: Williams Gap Winery- Round Hill, Va. 1-4pm (SOLO)

​May 17: Trump National Golf Course-Sterling ,Va. 6:30-9:00pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

May 18: Open Road-Merrifield,Va. -5-8pm (SOLO)

May 20:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(No Gary,No Marcus)

May 22: Dowell J. Howard Center Private Grad Party- Winchester, Va.  5-6:30pm (Full Band) (Gary)

May 27: Sinistral Brewing- Manasas .Va. 7-10pm (4Piece) (Gary)​

May 28:Cancer Can Rock Fundraiser- 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville ,Va. 11:30-8pm (6:15-7pm set) (Full Band)(No lead)

May 29 : 50 West Vineyards-Middleburg,Va 1:30-4:30pm (Full Band) (Gary)

June 2: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg, Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

June 3:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

June 9: City Ridge Concert Series- 20 Ridge Sq. NW Wash DC. -6:30-9pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

June 17: Cure For Cleavage Fundraising Event-Spanky’s Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va.-1-3pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

June 22: The Boro Concert Series- Tysons,Va. 5:30-8:00pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

June 23: 1836 Tap Room- Lovettsville,Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

June 25: Harvest Gap Brewing -Hillsboro,Va 6:00-9:00pm (Full Band)(Gary)

June 30: Totten Concert Series- Dakota Ave/ Galloway St NE, Wash. DC. 6-8pm  (Full Band) (Marcus)

July 1: Village Of Leesburg-Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (4 piece)(Marcus Probably) 

July 22: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va. 6:00-9:00pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

July 29: Comus Inn-Dickerson Md. 5:00-9:00pm (SOLO)

July 30: Sunset Hills Vineyards-Purcellville, Va. 1:30-4:30pm (Duo)

August 3: Andy’s Pizza: Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

August 5:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

September 1: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg, Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

September 3 :Loco Fest  -868 Estate Vineyards – 2-9pm

September 4 : Sunset Hills Vineyards- Purcellville ,Va 1:30-4:30pm ( 4 piece) (Gary)

September 7:Andy’s Pizza-Lovettsville,Va 6-9pm (Duo)

September 9: Tarara Summer Concert Series -w/Slippery When Wet-Lucketts,Va. 6-7pm (Full Band)(Gary)

September 16: Bluemont Fair- Bluemont Va. TBD (Full Band)

September 23: Guitars for Vets Fundraising Event: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville, Va. 7:10-8:30pm (Full Band) (Fundraiser)(

September 30:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

October 14: Harvest Gap Brewery- w/Rowdy Ace Band-Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Gary)

October 20: Comus Inn-Dickerson, Md. -5:00-9:00pm (SOLO)

October 22: 50 West Vineyards-Middleburg, Va. 1:30-4:30pm (Duo)

October 27: 1836 Tavern- Lovettsville, Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

October 28: Private Wedding- Gainesville, Va.-TBD-(Full Band)(Gary)

November 4: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

November 10: ResQ BBQ- Leesburg, Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

November 17: Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville,Va. 5-8pm (SOLO)

December 2: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

December 15: 1836 Tavern-Lovettsville, Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

December 23: ResQ BBQ- Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

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