Joe Gallagher Jr.

After driving his parents nuts playing on pots and pans and relentlessly begging them for a drum set, they finally gave in and bought Joe his first Slingerland drum set at seven years old. After 10 years of jamming with local musicians and playing in school band, Joe would finally leave his childhood home, giving the gift of peace and quiet to his parents, and moved into a Sterling VA band home. Joe met and jammed with many talented musicians, holding Friday and Saturday night basement concerts for their friends and neighbors, eventually forming the heavy metal band Third Rail. They played local shows, field parties and recorded a four-song EP, Speed Demon. After the break-up of Third Rail, Joe opened a recording studio, Gallagher Recording, in Sterling VA.  He worked with and recorded many great bands over the next few years including The Smithereens for School House Records. Later he would join the progressive heavy metal band, Vast Minority, playing gigs up and down the East Coast.  They recorded two original music albums, self-titled Vast Minority and Trip for Thought, and one EP, Lilac. After playing their last show at CBGB, very tired and frustrated with the industry, Vast Minority broke-up. Joe then joined a rock band, The Plunge, and was back at it again recording original material, playing gigs and trying to make his way as a professional musician. Joe recorded two more original albums with The Plunge, Take It and Give it Back. Eventually, he left the band to do studio session work and take some time off from the grind. After reaching out with a text to his friend Todd Brooks to see if he needed a drummer, Joe is on an exciting new venture with Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions.

Last Updated February 9, 2019