Enjoyed their music tremendously at The Barns today!!! So much fun! Sound was amazing. Humor on point! Family friendly!!! Highly recommend seeing these guys!!!
Jennifer S. April 20, 2019 via FaceBook

We really enjoyed your band last night!! You all are good together! 
Sabrina J. March 31, 2019 via FaceBook

Sublime!! No need for Prince. This is amazing. Need to see your gig schedule and meet up with some friends.
Cheryl B. March 3, 2019 via FaceBook

Our New Favorite!! Great Performance at Harpers Ferry Brewing!!
Stacie H. March 1, 2019 via FaceBook

Awesome music! Great talent and tons of fun!
Leisha K. November 3, 2018 via FaceBook

He’s an awesome guitar player and singer – he puts his heart and soul into his music, while having fun and involving the audience/crowd.
Katie O. September 13, 2018 via FaceBook

Excellent guitarist and singer! You will not be disappointed!
Chris F. September 13, 2018 via FaceBook

He’s got you covered if you need entertainment!
Harry L. August 19, 2018 via FaceBook