Upcoming Events

Come out and see us!

(Cancelled) June 30:Private Wedding-Dickerson Md. 

(Cancelled) July 1: The Branch-Leesburg,Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

July 3:Harvest Gap Brewery- JULY 4TH BASH-Hillsboro ,Va 2-5PM-(Full Band)

July 9 : Harbour Grille-Woodbridge ,Va-9pm-12am (Four Piece) 

July 16: Mom and Pops’s Big Bash-Emerald Isle ,NC. (Full Band)

July 21: Andy’s Pizza-Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (DUO)

July 23:Comus Inn- Dickerson ,Md. 3-5pm (Solo)

July 24:Comus Inn- Dickerson ,Md. 3-5pm (Solo)​

July 30: Segra Field -DC United-Leesburg,Va.- 6:15-7:30pm (SOLO)

August 6:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm  (Full Band)

August 13:Village of Leesburg-Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (5 Piece)

August 26: Leesburg Animal Park-Leesburg,Va. -5:30-7:30pm (SOLO)

Sept 2: The Branch-Leesburg,Va.- 6-9pm (SOLO)

September 4: Loco Musicians Festival– 868 Estate Vineyards ,Purcellville, Va. -40 plus local musicians all day- 2-9pm (Full Band)

Sept 10: Private Class Reunion-Lovettsville,Va. 7:30-10:30pm (Full Band)

September 15: Andy’s Pizza-Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (DUO)

September 17: Bluemont Fair-Bluemont,Va-TBD -(Full Band)

September 24:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 2-5pm  (Full Band)

October 1: 868 Estate Vineyards-Concert Under The Stars -Purcellville, Va.- TBD (Full Band)

October 8:Harvest Gap Brewery- Birthday Celebration -Hillsboro,Va- TBD  (Full Band) 

Oct 15: The Branch- Leesburg,Va-7-10pm-(Full Band)

Oct 22- Lost Barell Brewing-Middleburg,Va.-5-8pm  (TRIO)

October 28: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg,Va.-7-10pm (SOLO)

November 5:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd) 

December 3:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

December 10: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg,Va.-7-10pm (SOLO)

Dec 17: The Branch-Leeesburg,Va. 7-10pm (Full Band)