Todd Brooks

Todd Brooks fell in love with the guitar in 6th grade after he noticed it garnered attention from Sally, who sold seashells down by the seashore. After a brief 7th grade beginner course and a tragically painful classical guitar course in 8th grade, Todd decided that Jimi Hendrix’s’ music held more air than Beethoven. Big thanks to Miss Drazen, for teaching Todd and giving him the gift of having music in his life. She used to always ask Todd why he ruined his recital grade, by adding in the Purple Haze lick at the end of his piece. He pointed to Sally. She really dug that lick. After putting many a needle on a record, again and again, Todd taught himself to play many popular songs by ear and has never read a note of music since. In the very late 80’s, Todd joined local band South Harrison, which later morphed into Sabadical.  They enjoyed success playing the local circuit and opening for acts such as Quiet Riot, Yngwie Malmsteem, 38 Special, and Blue Oyster Cult as well as playing at CBGB’s. After 6 years or so, Sabadical dissolved. Along with former members of Sabadical and Ghost Wellman, Project J was formed. After the breakup of Project J in the mid 90’s, Todd remained bandless for a few years but still played daily. In the late 90’s after trading landscaping work for an acoustic guitar, Todd found out that he actually enjoyed the peaceful solitude of an acoustic guitar and did not miss lugging around a full Marshall stack. Between then and the mid 2000’s, Todd honed his skills at playing and singing at the same time, while playing neighborhood parties for friends and family. In mid to late 2000’s, Todd was offered his first paying gig at Doukenie Winery. Slowly the shows built up until Todd was playing over one hundred shows a year, adding wedding DJ gigs and sound gigs into the mix. Since then Todd has enjoyed being a part of the local winery/brewery music scene, sharing the stage with many talented local artists, as well as organizing the first annual LoCo Musicians Festival in 2018. While performing, Todd often searches the crowd hoping that Sally will show up one day.

Last Updated January 28, 2019